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InlineReporter - helps the company with reports

Are you still doing manual reports?

InlineReporter is a web-based service that produces reports based on the international standard iXBRL. The underlying data comes directly from the accounting (SIE) and the created report is readable both electronically and by eye.

The advantages are obvious, the right information is filled in at the right place, human errors are avoided, significant time is saved and the recipient receives information directly to their server. In addition, the sender can answer questions, asked e.g. by an authority and the answers are presented in the finished report, a feature that is unique to InlineReporter.

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We collaborate with Zwapgrid

We work together with Zwapgrid to reach the broad market for InlineReporter. Zwapgrid is both an infrastructure and an interpreter of data between different systems.

Companies and authorities that want to use InlineReporter register with Zwapgrid


All reports are sent to the recipient, safely under responsibility and with traceability for the company

InlineReporter today contains a catalog of taxonomies from Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics, which requests information from companies on an ongoing basis. The catalog will be expanded and contain taxonomies with data to be sent to the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registration Office, other statistical data to SCB, monthly reports to the bank and internal Company group reporting.

All reports are sent to the recipient, securely, under responsibility and with traceability for the company. When the market demands, we will add electronic signatures, in line with eIDAS so that the signature is fully valid.

Our processes guarantee that the information in the reports is not manipulated, which benefits both the company and the recipient. The information can be "consumed" directly both by an administrator or another application.