for MS Outlook

Everyone should send secure email. Does that sound complicated? Not at all! But what is safe and do we need to change the working environment to achieve "safety"?

Our solution is called SEFOS – secure messages and is an add-on to MS Outlook 365. All users, both sender and recipient, must identify themselves, all messages are automatically encrypted and traceability is created. The mechanisms for identification are passwords, SMS or all Swedish e-IDs as well as various service IDs.

Our idea is that you should work safely without having to change working methods and even though you stay in your environment (Outlook 365), you should be able to handle privacy, personal data or other sensitive perhaps business-critical information. You can easily choose the level of security yourself via the "trust levels" that are available .

You as the sender decide how sensitive your content is, i.e. what level of trust should be used for your recipient to be able to open your email. Your recipient must identify themselves with the method you have chosen and thus SEFOS will be safe.

With the help of SEFOS, you can send e-mails to anyone, both in Sweden and abroad. For a recipient who is already using the service, the e-mail comes directly into the inbox, while a recipient who does not have the service receives an e-mail and is asked to retrieve the e-mail via a link.

To create security for your recipient who does not subscribe to SEFOS, you as a sender can include a personal explanatory text and you can also "profile" your messages with the company logo.