What is a taxonomy?


A taxonomy can be compared to an order, where the recipient has defined exactly what information should be extracted from the SIE file and included in a report. We use the international standard iXBRL so that the report can be read both by a machine and by the data provider.

A taxonomy can also contain questions, e.g. around sustainability and these answers are rarely found in the SIE file. The data provider is presented with the "questions" and has to enter the answers manually. InlineReporter compiles the report, just as usual, into an iXBRL file.

Different recipients have different interests. This applies not only to the frequency of information but also to the type of information. The bank may want to see the company's monthly balance sheet and income statement and ask questions about liquidity, while an authority is interested in salary and tax or perhaps VAT, orders and inventory data, etc.

The board of the company always wants to see the financial status, plans for investments and expansion, while different departments want to highlight KPIs around sales etc.

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